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Ask any student what he or she did to prepare for a test or exam and you will hear the same thing:  I looked over my notes / worksheets / material.  I tell my students that they have not studied until they have something that they can hold in their hands...that they have made. 

Memory is highly associative.  Students benefit from linking core concepts and language to visual imagery.  The act of organizing their content into a memorable form is studying.  I have supported students in content areas throughout my forty years in education.  Working in both private and public settings, I have helped students and classes of students organize, rehearse and remember content...not only for exams but for applications and further study. 

Technology has revolutionized how students acquire and organize information, but neuroscience has helped us explain why some study techniques work better than others.  By combining old fashioned study methods with newer technology, students can create graphic organizers of their own design.  They can reduce the language load which is a core component for students who have learning challenges.  They can create memorable, usable models which can be digitally preserved.  Using a multisensory strategy forces students to utilize more of the brain to organizing content for memory and application.  Ask for a workshop or a webinar to learn some simple techniques for helping students take charge of their own content mastery.







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