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Teacher, Nationally Certified Academic Language Therapist specializing in the application of O-G Multisensory Strategies for teaching Math, Study Skills, Reading & Language, Spanish and Content Area Subjects.

Ms. Zecher is a former classroom and demonstration teacher in an Orton-Gillingham based public school program. She holds a BA in education and a BA and MA in English. 

In 2004, Ms. Zecher received her certification as an Academic Therapist specializing in multisensory mathematics and study skills.

She helped to develop ASDEC’s Multisensory Mathematics program that apply Orton-Gillingham instructional techniques to the teaching on mathematics. 

Ms. Zecher is a presenter at IDA and LDA and the National Teachers of Mathematics national and regional conferences.

She has trained both public and private school teachers as well as academic therapists in multisensory mathematics instructional techniques, handwriting, multisensory study skills and educational strategies for the gifted and talented dyslexic student.

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